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    Regular kitchen hood cleaning is more than just a measure to keep your kitchen looking fresh and tidy; it’s a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Here at 5 Star Duct Cleaners, we’ve got you covered with quality kitchen hood cleaning services, offered at competitive prices.

    Pricing and Time Frames for Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Austin

    Our rates depend on a few factors such as the size of the hood, the level of grime build-up, and accessibility. Here is a detailed table of our standard service costs and estimated time to complete:

    Service Size Standard Cost Time to Complete
    Small (<10 feet) $200-$400 2-3 hours
    Medium (10-20 feet) $400-$600 3-5 hours
    Large (>20 feet) $600-$800 4-7 hours

    These prices are based on standard conditions. However, heavily soiled hoods or those with hard-to-reach areas may result in additional charges.

    Why Choose 5 Star Duct Cleaners?

    Choosing us for your kitchen hood cleaning needs comes with a host of benefits. First and foremost, we bring experience and expertise to the table. We are familiar with Austin’s air quality in 2023, which helps us optimize our services accordingly.

    Our team is well-versed with the best vent cleaning practices ensuring your kitchen hood functions optimally for a longer period. Furthermore, we are in tune with the local regulations about commercial hood cleaning which keeps your business compliant with Austin’s Health Department.

    Our service areas include but are not limited to Rosedale, Crestview, Highland, Brentwood, and Allandale.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I get my kitchen hood cleaned?

    The frequency of cleaning depends on the type and usage of your cooking range. However, it is generally recommended to have your hood cleaned every three to six months. For more detailed information, please refer to our post on how often to clean your range hood.

    What is involved in the kitchen hood cleaning process?

    Our professional cleaning process involves a thorough cleaning of the hood, filters, and ductwork using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and high-powered equipment. To learn more about the process, read our detailed blog post on commercial hood cleaning.

    Can I clean my kitchen hood myself?

    While regular cleaning of the exterior and filters can be done at home, deep cleaning of the hood and the duct system requires professional assistance. Our blog on how to clean a range hood duct details the complexities of the task.

    Do you provide other related cleaning services?

    Yes, we provide a range of cleaning services including air conditioner coil cleaning, laundry vent cleaning, bath fan exhaust cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.


    Choosing the right service for your kitchen hood cleaning is vital for the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of your kitchen. The experts at 5 Star Duct Cleaners are ready to deliver top-notch service, understanding the unique aspects of Austin’s local duct cleaning needs. We believe in transparency, as reflected in our detailed cost and time table above. By choosing us, you’re assured a cost-effective solution, improved air quality, and a safer cooking environment. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning and let us take care of the rest.

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