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    An unclean laundry vent is one of the leading causes of fires in the United States.

    The National Fire Protection Association reports that 15,000 household fires happen every year due to unkempt vents.

    About 29% of this number is because the lint and clothes fibers trapped in the vent ignited.

    A dryer-related fire is the worst consequence of neglecting your laundry vents.

    We are sure you don’t want to experience this disaster.

    5 Star Duct Cleaners is dedicated to keeping your home and family safe by cleaning your laundry vent.

    Our team consists of licensed professionals who will ensure that your laundry vent is lint-free and dirt-free.

    We will work promptly and systematically to remove any obstruction in your vent system.

    Call 5 Star Duct Cleaners anytime for a timely laundry vent cleaning in your area.

    How Important Is Laundry Vent Cleaning?

    One importance of cleaning your laundry or dryer vent is energy efficiency.

    If your laundry vent works well, your dryer machine will also work properly and efficiently.

    Because nothing obstructs the flow of air, your dryer will not overheat.

    It will dry a load of clothes in just one cycle.

    Thus, you can finish drying your clothes in a shorter amount of time.

    On the contrary, drying your clothes will take longer when you have an obstructed laundry vent.

    Another reason why dryer vent cleaning is essential is fire safety and protection.

    Inefficient airflow in your laundry vent will cause heat to build up in your dryer machine.

    If the temperature rises more, it can light up the lint, dust, and fibers in the vent, causing a fire.

    Lower your energy bills and keep your family protected by having your vent inspected and cleaned regularly.

    How Do You Know It’s Time To Clean Your Laundry Vent?

    There is no rigid schedule for cleaning your laundry vent.

    However, there are signs you need to watch out for that tell you your laundry vent needs timely maintenance.

    The following are indications that it’s time to remove lint and dirt in your clothes dryer vent.

    ⦁ You see lint buildup behind and around your dryer.
    ⦁ Your dryer does not dry your clothes in a single cycle.
    ⦁ The clothes in your dryer are unusually hot.
    ⦁ Your laundry area becomes warm and humid while using your dryer.
    ⦁ Your clothes smell like mildew.
    ⦁ The dryer machine is ineffective in drying a bulk of clothes

    These are common symptoms of an unclean and clogged laundry vent.

    If you feel frustrated due to these reasons, contact your trusted vent cleaners to perform a professional cleaning service.

    How Often Do I Need Professional Laundry Vent Cleaning?

    Sometimes, there are no indications that your laundry vent is due for maintenance.

    You might be unaware that your laundry room is already a fire hazard because you can’t see any indication.

    This is why a yearly laundry vent checkup is critical.

    A professional technician should inspect your dryer vent to ensure that you have a clean and safe vent.

    We recommend that you have your vent professionally cleaned at least once every year.

    However, you need to clean your dryer more often if the following cases apply to you.

    ⦁ You use your dryer every day.
    ⦁ You have an old dryer machine (ten years or older).
    ⦁ Your vent has a number of bends and elbows. These irregularities tend to catch more lint compared to a straight vent.
    ⦁ You’re using a small or stackable dryer unit.
    ⦁ Your dryer vent is extremely long. Longer laundry vents can trap more lint than a shorter vent. Not to mention it’ll also be difficult for you to reach the lint in longer vents.

    Effective and Timely Cleaning Service

    Uncleaned laundry vents can put your family and everything you’ve worked hard for in danger.

    You must have your dryer vent cleaned regularly by a professional to guarantee your safety and protection.

    Let 5 Star Duct Cleaners handle your vent cleaning needs.

    Our team is made up of certified and highly experienced professionals who can clean your laundry vent thoroughly.

    We have powerful and durable tools to help us do our job exceptionally.

    Our technicians also work systematically to provide you with a prompt and timely cleaning service.

    Set your appointment with 5 Star Duct Cleaners today.

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