Mold Around AC Vents

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    Mold is toxic.

    It is disgusting.

    And it is quite a hard feat to get rid of!

    From your food to your carpets to your AC ducts, the fungi can find their way all around your house.

    All they need is a bit of moisture and something they can feed on and they reproduce innumerably.

    If you are experiencing mold around AC vents we are here to help you deal with this ordeal.

    How To Tell If There Is Mold In Your HVAC Ducts

    Whether you occasionally clean your HVAC ducts or not, you may have missed some of the tell-tale signs of mold in your AC vents.

    It is imperative to keep a lookout for this fungus because the mold spores contaminate the vents.

    They carry themselves along with the cool air in the vents to your house.

    This is the same air that you breathe in and breathing in fungus spores is a big health hazard, to say the least.

    Therefore, we suggest keeping an eye out for the following symptoms of mold in your AC vents.

    Appearance Of Black Dust

    At times when your AC is switched you may have noticed black air or dust blowing in from the opening.

    This indicates the presence of fungus and this black dust is extremely dangerous.

    It can promote the growth of mildew all around your house by carrying fungus spores to your carpets and furniture.

    Therefore, if you notice black air in the vents, call any professional duct cleaning service provider.

    Presence Of A Musty Odor

    The next thing you should be looking out for is a musty smell or odor around the house.

    If you notice anything of the sort, it suggests that there is a fungus in the AC vent.

    You should be especially cautious if you smell this odor only at times when the HVAC system is switched on.

    In this case, you should do vent cleaning immediately.

    House Inhabitants Having Allergy Symptoms

    If you or someone in your house is experiencing allergy symptoms that they don’t normally have, it could indicate something fishy in your vents.

    Allergy symptoms like flu, watery eyes, sneezing, and coughing can relate to the presence of fungus in the air vents.

    This can be a cause of concern especially if the allergy is not genetic.

    How Does Mold Grow In AC Vents

    Mold is one of the microorganisms that grow and reproduce very easily.

    This is because the spores from which they reproduce are present in abundance all around us.

    If given the right levels of humidity and the right temperature range, these spores find something to feed on and grow rapidly.

    Your AC vents provide a very favorable climate for these spores to reproduce.

    The duct atmosphere is warm and humid because of the hot air condensing on the cool metal surface.

    The environment within the duct may be damper if your HVAC unit is too large and turns off without dehumidifying the air.

    What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of Mold Around AC Vents

    If you feel like the mold is permanent, fret not.

    While it is true that mold always finds a way back to its dwelling, if cleaned correctly you don’t have to worry.

    You can DIY the cleaning or outsource it to a professional.

    If you are doing the former, then your work has multiplied innumerably.

    For starters, it is very essential that you have the right protective gear.

    Wearing gloves is not enough.

    You also need face masks and goggles to shield you away from the contaminated air and also keep you from carrying mold spores everywhere.

    Next up, you will need to broom away any giant pieces of fungus, cobwebs, and other debris.

    Do not use a vacuum cleaner because it can carry the spores everywhere around your house.

    After this, use an old rag and dab it with a cleaning solution.

    For extra protection, you can add baking soda as well because it does wonders at removing fungi.

    You will need to do quite a lot of scrubbing to remove all the mold.

    This is because the fungus kind of attaches itself to the metal surface.

    Yes, we know it is quite disgusting.

    If your vents are detachable, dip them in the cleaning solution and then wait for them to dry.

    The mold should be gone by now but you may have to resort to occasional vent cleaning.

    The Bottom Line

    Mold around your AC vents can be nightmarish.

    But do not worry we are here to help.

    If you live in the vicinity of Austin and are looking for an air duct cleaning company in Austin, reach out to us at 5 Star Duct Cleaners.

    With the best team of professionals, we at  5 Star Duct Cleaners will help you get rid of any mold around AC vents

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