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    Commercial establishments with cooking operations must have an exhaust system.

    This system should comply with the fire codes and standards in your locality.

    If you’re a commercial kitchen owner, you should always see to it that you are compliant.

    This is not just for legal reasons, but most importantly for your safety.

    You must keep your commercial kitchen hood in check to prevent destructive and deadly fires.

    5 Star Duct Cleaners is your partner in duct cleaning and safety.

    Our technicians work tirelessly to ensure that you have a clean hood and air duct.

    We believe that having a clean exhaust system is key to having healthy, breathable indoor air.

    It also keeps your kitchen comfortable, sanitary, and odor-free.

    Talk to our team today by calling our local number.

    We are always ready for same-day commercial hood cleaning services.

    How Frequent Should You Clean Commercial Hoods?

    The frequency of hood cleaning depends on several factors.

    But according to NFPA 96, commercial hoods must be professionally cleaned every three months.

    This includes 24-hour restaurants and establishments with high-volume cooking operations.

    This means you should have your hood degreased and washed quarterly to comply with the fire code.

    In some cases, quarterly cleaning is not enough.

    You should do hood cleaning every month in commercial cooking establishments with charcoal or wood-burning stoves.

    Some commercial kitchens don’t accumulate a lot of greases.

    If you belong to this type of commercial establishment, you may not need frequent cleaning.

    You can clean your hood at least once a year, and you’ll still comply with fire codes and standards.

    Consult with your local technician to help you determine the frequency of your commercial hood cleanup.

    Expert Commercial Hood Cleaning Service

    Professional commercial hood cleaning is a thorough and deep cleaning service.

    It must be done only by properly trained, qualified, and certified technicians, according to NFPA 96.

    Experts know how to properly and safely deal with stubborn grease and oil buildup.

    After a month to a year of not cleaning your hood, the grease thickens and becomes difficult to clean.

    At 5 Star Duct Cleaners, we are complete with the necessary and special tools to get your exhaust system clean.

    Our cleaners are also aware of the systematic and effective methods to degrease commercial hoods.

    We use powerful yet food-safe and non-toxic cleaning products.

    Our team will also make sure not to contaminate other areas of your kitchen that aren’t part of the exhaust system.

    Quick and Efficient Commercial Hood Cleaning

    You can expect a commercial hood cleaning to last for three to four hours.

    The exact time depends on factors, such as the size of the kitchen, the number of hoods, and breaks between cleaning.

    At 5 Star Duct Cleaners, our hood cleaners work promptly and efficiently.

    We’ve been cleaning different types and sizes of commercial kitchen hoods.

    You can say that we’ve already mastered the job and can do it skillfully.

    Because of our experience, we can finish the job in the shortest amount of time possible.

    We can perform the task, day or night, for your same-day hood cleaning service.

    Our team will work when it’s most convenient for you.

    We often work late at night or early in the day.

    During these hours, commercial kitchens are not in use.

    Thus, your exhaust hood will be cool, and we can freely access the necessary parts of your kitchen.

    We also won’t be interrupting your daily kitchen operations.

    Once we’re done cleaning, you’ll have a more efficient kitchen hood and vent system.

    Affordable Commercial Hood Cleaning

    Prices vary between commercial hood cleaning companies.

    The cost also changes depending on various factors.

    This includes the size of the kitchen and the difficulty of cleaning.

    We recommend that you talk to your local company to give you a price estimate.

    To do this, we will inspect your commercial hood to provide you with a quote for the service.

    Rest assured that we are honest and transparent in our pricing.

    You won’t face any hidden charges and additional costs for services you didn’t request.

    For budget-friendly air duct, commercial hoods, and exhaust cleaning, contact 5 Star Duct Cleaners

    We will help your business stay safe, compliant, and operational by keeping your kitchen hoods, vents, and ducts clean.

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