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    Range Hood Cleaning Services in Austin

    Ventilation is a vital aspect of comfort and safety inside your home.

    In the kitchen, the range hood provides the proper air circulation the room needs.

    Because of the hood, the temperature in your kitchen remains at a comfortable level.

    Any unpleasant odor also quickly goes away.

    And above all, your kitchen is not a fire hazard.

    You can only enjoy these perks if you have a clean and grease-free hood.

    5 Star Duct Cleaners is your nearest professional team of hood cleaners.

    We offer exceptional range hood cleaning services for residential and commercial establishments.

    You can call us anytime on any day of the week for emergency range hood cleaning.

    Our team will do our best to make your hood squeaky clean and odor-free.

    Set your appointment with 5 Star Duct Cleaners now!

    Why Do You Need a Professional Range Hood Cleanup?

    Your kitchen exhaust hood is one of the most consequential parts of your kitchen.

    Improper maintenance of your hood has serious legal implications.

    For example, the health department requires you to clean your hood for sanitation purposes.

    The environment bureau is concerned about the smoke and fumes your hood emits.

    Whereas, the fire and building agencies focus on the risk of fire due to unclean exhaust hoods.
    Grease, dirt, oil, and fat trapped on the walls of your hood can cause a disastrous fire in your kitchen.

    These unwanted residues are combustible, so they can quickly turn your kitchen into ash.

    In order to protect yourself, you must ensure that your hood is clean and free from grease buildup.

    How Often Does Your Range Hood Need To Be Cleaned?

    Cooking on a regular basis can cause grease and oil to accumulate on your range hood.

    When a layer of grease starts to set on the walls of your hood, more grease will stick to it.

    Over time, this creates a thick buildup of nasty grease on your range hood and ducts.

    Our expert technicians recommend cleaning your range hood once every three months.

    This cleaning frequency applies to residential kitchens if you frequently cook.

    However, the case is not the same for commercial settings.

    Kitchens that use wood or charcoal to cook food require a monthly range hood cleanup.

    Fast Food chains, 24-hr kitchens, and hamburger grills cook high volumes of food.

    These establishments need a bimonthly or quarterly hood cleaning.

    Signs That Your Range Hood Needs Cleaning?

    Many people are unaware of the signs that your range hood requires cleaning.

    So, our licensed technicians compiled a list of indicators of an unclean hood.

    • There is a thick layer of dirt and grease on the walls of your range hood.
    • The smoke from your cooking takes time to clear.
    • Your range hood motor is having a hard time functioning.
    • An unusual sound comes from your hood.

    These are symptoms of an unkempt and grease-filled range hood.

    If you experience at least one of these problems, you shouldn’t delay and call 5 Star Duct Cleaners.

    We are experts when it comes to taking disgusting grease out of your kitchen hoods, ducts, and fans.

    Our professional technicians will clean your kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom.

    We use effective and systematic methods to ensure that we leave not a single trace of grease behind.

    Professional Range Hood Cleaning Services

    According to NFPA 96, only well-trained, qualified, and certified companies or persons should handle exhaust cleaning services.

    5 Star Duct Cleaners meet all three requirements to provide professional kitchen cleaning services.

    Our team consists of professional hood cleaners that have undergone training and practical work.

    Our technicians have been in this industry for many years.

    They have proven their expertise, capabilities, and knowledge in cleaning all types of kitchen hoods.

    Besides keeping your exhaust system clean and sanitary, we also guarantee to keep your kitchen compliant with local fire codes.

    As your most reliable exhaust cleaners, we are dedicated to ensuring your safety and welfare.

    That’s why our knowledgeable technicians always perform a thorough inspection and assessment of your kitchen after cleaning.

    This will guarantee your safety and compliance to fire safety standards.

    You can put your trust in 5 Star Duct Cleaners.

    Book an appointment with our team for a prompt and timely range hood cleaning service.

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