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    Did you know that around 15,000 fires that happen in the United States are caused by dryer vents?

    Often, the cause of these fires is neglect.

    Forgetting to maintain the dryer vent can lead to such catastrophic events.

    Luckily, it is preventable through professional and regular dryer vent cleaning.

    Yearly maintenance of your clothes laundry vent can keep your family and property safe.

    For expert dryer vent cleaning and maintenance, only trust certified and reliable technicians.

    5 Star Duct Cleaners consists of highly-trained and competent professionals.

    We can deal with all sizes and shapes of laundry vents because we’ve been doing this for many years.

    Let our team clear your dryer vent within the day.

    Call us now!

    What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Dryer Vent?

    The task of dryer vents is to remove lint, hot air, and moisture from your dryer.

    It takes these unwanted elements outside your house through the airflow.

    After some time, lint, dirt, and other solid matter could obstruct the channel.

    Air will have a hard time flowing smoothly when this occurs.

    The obstruction can also trap more lint and dirt until your dryer vent can no longer do its job.

    This can cause your machine to be inefficient.

    It won’t be able to dry your clothes efficiently, and you’ll need more cycles to dry your clothes.

    Consequently, your monthly electricity bills could increase by $20 per month.

    Another consequence of an unkempt dryer vent is fire.

    As your dryer heats up, it increases the possibility of trapped lint igniting.

    Just imagine how dangerous and destructive it can get because of an unclean vent.

    Thus, you must see that your clothes dryer vent works well and efficiently.

    How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

    We can’t stress this enough: cleaning your laundry vent should be a regular task.

    Most of the time, a professional dryer vent clean-up done once a year can reduce the risk of fire.

    However, some cases require more frequent cleaning, such as when you have a long dryer vent.

    Lengthy laundry vents are more difficult to maintain than short ones, typically less than 5 feet.

    This is because lint buildup will be greater in long vents than in short ones.

    Likewise, a vent with more elbows or bends traps in more lint.

    This makes cleaning more challenging due to the irregularity in shape.

    You should have your vent checked and cleaned more than once a year in this case.

    Regular use of your dryer will also prompt you to clean your vent more frequently.

    Another factor that determines the frequency of vent cleaning is the age of your dryer machine.

    Dryers usually aged ten or older require more cleaning in a year.

    When in doubt, ask the help of your trusted vent cleaners, 5 Star Duct Cleaners.

    Is it time to Clean Your Clothes Dryer Vent?

    Your dryer machine and vent could be showing signs that they need a cleanup.

    Here are some indications that your dryer vent badly needs a maintenance service:
    ⦁ There is obvious lint and dirt accumulation behind and around your dryer.
    ⦁ Your dryer needs another cycle to dry your clothes.
    ⦁ The dryer unusually and quickly heats up
    ⦁ It gets humid and warm in your laundry room when you use the dryer.
    ⦁ Your clothes smell musty in the dryer.
    ⦁ The dryer machine can no longer dry a load of clothes effectively.

    If you experience any of these issues, it means your vent is not properly doing its job due to lint buildup.

    Contact your nearby laundry vent cleaners for a timely cleanup.

    The Most Trusted Technicians in Your Area!

    5 Star Duct Cleaners is here to solve your obstructed vent problems.

    Every dryer vent is different, and it requires special techniques to properly and thoroughly clean it.

    Our technicians know every method to handle lint buildup in your vents.

    Whether you have a 35-ft long vent or a bent vent, our team will expertly clean your dryer vent for you.

    We have high-grade tools and equipment to aid us in offering you exceptional cleaning services.

    On top of these, we are also licensed and highly-trained technicians.

    No cleaning task is too difficult for us.

    Call us now to give you a prompt and same-day dryer vent cleanup.

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