Weak Air Flow From Vents in House

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    Do you feel hot in the corner of the house, even though the air conditioner is still on and the rest of the house feels okay?

    Or perhaps one spot in the house is excessively cooler than the rest of your house.

    You examine the vents, only to discover they are not working as efficiently as they should be.

    This can be a frustrating ordeal to deal with.

    It’s an ordeal you can not fix unless you know the reasons behind it.

    And finding the cause of weak airflow in your vent can be hard.

    As specialists in the duct and vent cleaning, the experts at 5 Star Duct Cleaners know exactly why your AC vent is acting up.

    Keep reading below to find out more.

    How To Know If There Is A Weak Air Flow From Vents In House

    We have already pointed out the first symptom in the introduction above, which is the presence of hot and cold areas in your house that don’t match the rest of the environment.

    Another way to know if the airflow is weak is by checking it directly by placing your hand directly over the vents to check if it is even blowing air in the first place.

    In case your AC is blowing warm air even though you can set the thermostat to a low temperature, then even that indicates an issue with the vents in your house.

    One of the more common tell-tale signs of a weak air flow from vents in house is the doors slamming and shutting on their own.

    This is because of pressure imbalances created as a result of poor ventilation.

    It also hints towards the checking of your vents.

    The Major Causes Of Weak Air Flow From Vents In House

    If you are fretting over the cause behind the weak air flow from vents in house, we have got you covered.

    Unclean Air Filters

    Air filters trap dust, pollen, and debris so that it does not block your air ducts.

    But air filters need cleaning too.

    This is particularly the case if these get accumulated with particles that impede the flow of air through your ducts.

    As a rule of good measure, pay attention to duct cleaning.

    Clean your air filters once every 2-3 months.

    Because if they go without maintenance for a longer duration, it could render your AC obsolete.

    Blocked Ducts

    The duct is what carries cool air into your house.

    Over time, the duct can get blocked because of the accumulation of dust particles, or it may develop cracks because of wear and tear.

    In extreme cases, your AC duct may be clogged because of the presence of insects or birds that develop their nests within these areas.

    To get around cracks, we suggest locating these cracks, especially at duct junctions, and covering them with sealants or duct tape.

    For debris removal, it is always best to get help from a professional air duct cleaning company in Austin.

    Call us today, and we’ll come to your aid.

    In the meantime, learn more on blocked duct cleaning.

    Faulty Thermostat

    Your thermostat may be miscalibrated, in which case it may be set to the lowest setting while you want a higher one.

    To check if your thermostat is faulty, compare the temperatures by means of a thermometer and proceed to correct any anomaly.

    You could do this by replacing the batteries of the thermostat or by opening it up and removing any grime because that could also hinder the performance of your duct.

    HVAC Unit of The Wrong Size

    If your HVAC unit is the wrong size, it could seriously mess up the functioning of your air conditioner.

    For example, if it is oversized, then it turns off.

    Further, on more than the required cycles, can cause wear and tear in the equipment.

    However, if it is undersized, the HVAC needs to work harder to cool the entire house.

    As a result, it can cause overheating in the capacitors.

    Thus choosing the right HVAC size is quite important.

    Dirty Coils

    AC cooling is made possible by passing air over an evaporator.

    If the coils are covered in dirt, it can potentially cause compressor failure since the coils don’t work as efficiently as they should.

    However, cleaning these coils is quite a sensitive task since these coils can be prone to damage caused by abrasion.

    Therefore, we suggest hiring a professional to do this cleaning for you.

    The Bottom Line

    In this guide, we have comprehensively covered some of the reasons for weak air flow from vents in the house.

    However, there may also be other underlying causes, such as old HVAC units, the AC blowers not working, or undersized ducts.

    Whatever the problem, 5 Star Duct Cleaners specializes in getting rid of all kinds of duct issues.

    Reach out if you are experiencing weak air flow from vents in the house.

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